Song On My Mind VII

I didn’t know what to make of Madness when I first heard it, but something about it hooked me. Then, the more I listened, the more I could not stop listening, humming, m-m-m-m-mouthing it. I loved Undisclosed Desires, and this is a worthy sequel. I love everything about Madness — Matt’s breathy vocals, the gospel/blues feel, the metronomic beat, the absorbing bass, the undulating synths, the Brian May-esque solo, the heightening trajectory of the music, its smooth sensuality.

Muse is about to release their sixth studio album, The Second Law. There are a few songs out already, and truth be told I have not listened to the others yet. However, the general reaction on the Interwebs appears to be mixed — too Queen-like, too electronic, wtf dubstep? As for myself, my heart will always remain with Origins, but I love how they keep innovating, break new ground, and hook me in again and again. That’s the beauty of Muse, and I can’t wait to get lost in their new album.


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