English Summer Rain

So as summer gets underway in Europe and the festival season kicks into gear, I thought I’d reflect on my own experience at the Reading Music Festival last year. Specifically, I want to share about the incredibly temperamental English weather that continually bewildered me over the 3 days of the festival. It would go from mild and cloudy, to cold and drizzly, to downpour, to brilliant sunshine, to blustery and overcast, to… you get the idea. Sometimes it happened in the space of a couple of hours.

I present to you the English weather, in pictures:

Arrived on a balmy Thursday evening with my friend Sean, in high spirits.

But the next morning, the rain arrives…

A mixed start to the festival. At least the grass was still green.

Second day, this looks much more promising!

Or not.

Day three, and the weather is trying to do everything at once.

In the mosh awaiting Muse. Thankfully everything is clear!

Best live act ever. Origins of Symmetry, I will miss you…


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