Let’s Get Spotified!

When I was living in Europe, one of the simple pleasures was to have access to things I couldn’t get in Australia. Yes, the food and culture etc etc were great, but I’d like to talk specifically about Spotify! It’s probably the most polished of the many online music streaming programs out there these days and finally it has been released in Aus.

Spotify comes in 3 forms — ‘Free’, where you have unfettered access to 16 million tracks but with periodic ads playing in between; ‘Unlimited’, where for $7 a month the ads are removed; and ‘Premium’, which costs $12 a month and allows you to listen offline as well as on mobile devices. The ability to have all the music you can ever want or need in your pocket, as long as you live, for $12 a month is a mighty fine offer. Heck, I probably spend more than that every month on iTunes, being gouged mercilessly by the inflated Australian prices. With Spotify you can do individual song and album searches, make and share playlists, and use the ‘radio’ feature which will play songs from chosen genres.

I love Spotify. Go check it out today!



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