This Is The Voice

I’m very busy these days but do allow myself one indulgence: watching the Australian version of The Voice. As you might guess, it is another reality singing show. The Voice originated in the Netherlands and has been on quite a roll, appearing throughout Europe and also in the US and now Australia. I was in the middle of writing a long explanation of the concept of the show but it became too laborious — if you want to know more, go here.

What I want to do is share some of the music that has been produced so far. It is of an extremely high quality. For every fresh-faced newbie, there are probably three seasoned musical veterans who never got the break they wanted. Right now I have two favourites. Apologies to readers outside of Australia, the YouTube links might have stupid area restrictions, but you can probably find a version somewhere.

Karise Eden on Seal’s team is a 19-year old with a mature voice that sends shivers down my spine. It’s like a cross between Amy Winehouse, Macy Gray and Janice Joplin.

Darren Percival on Keith Urban’s team has been around the circuit for a while, doing small gigs here and there. I’m really surprised he hasn’t broken through, his voice is so big and soulful. Darren sings with such a joy, it is so deeply moving.

Right now the show is slowly winnowing down the contestants in the live rounds. It’s strangely compelling television. If you’re in Aus, check it out.


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