Meanwhile, in Sydney…

The year is 1785. After more than three centuries of cultural, political and technological advancement in continental Europe during the Renaissance, England is leading the way in becoming the first industrial economy in the world. It’s been 10 years since the patenting of the steam engine and 9 years since Adam Smith’s magnum opus, the Wealth of Nations, the forefather of modern free market economics.

The Renaissance was a transformative era. Thanks, Medici family!

I like trains... and the industrial revolution.

Major political developments are also underway. It’s only been two years since the conclusion of the American War of Independence and it will be another three years before the ratification of the historic and influential United States Constitution. It would only be another four years before radical social and political upheaval engulf France, heralding the First Republic and the rise of Napoleon I.

I was going to make a quip about the Tea Party but I'm not witty enough.

1785 — Louis XVI decrees that all handkerchiefs must be square. No surprise at all about his fate.

The world is an exciting and dynamic place. Meanwhile, in Sydney…

As much as I love living in this beautiful city, man was I glad to get out last year and inject myself with real culture and history.


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