Why I Love Sunsets

I’m a guy who goes through random fads. For a while in early 2011 I was really into photography. I came into possession of an old iPhone and downloaded Hipstamatic and Instagram and tried to be cool and arty. I even started a Flickr account and told myself I’d upload a new picture every day. Of course, that didn’t last long. One lasting positive I did get out of this passing obsession was an appreciation that photography is all about light. This insight served me well as I went travelling in the second half of 2011, camera in tow.

It’s hard to find a better time for light than sunset. And no, don’t give me any “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” business. I challenge you to find anyone who would prefer the harshness of the midday glare over the soft, warm hue of sunset (or sunrise).

Here are some reasons why I love sunsets:

1. It beautifully illuminates scenery and people

Rainbow over the water in front of San Marco, Venice.

Winter Palace and Neva River in autumn, St Petersburg.

The coloured towers and domes of the Kremlin, Moscow.

The first Iron Lady.

2. The colours are richer

The view from Ørestad metro station, Copenhagen.

A warm summer evening at the Louvre, Paris.

Walking down Manning Road, University of Sydney.

3. You can play with shadows and silhouettes

The view of Williamsburg Bridge from Brooklyn, New York City.

Sunset on the Adriatic coastline, Dubrovnik

Mood: contemplative. At Copenhagen Harbour.

Speeding over the frozen alpine terrain at dusk, in Norway.


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