Laughing at Mitt Romney’s expense

The 2012 Republican presidential primaries is a long, bewildering, frustrating, complex, shocking affair. Right now it consists of several rich, middle-aged white men fighting for the lowest denominator, over who is the most ‘conservative’ and therefore the deserved candidate to tackle President Obama this November. Needless to say it has not been an edifying spectacle. We should be very alarmed about what the leading candidate(s), Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum have to say about economic policy, energy policy, religious matters, women’s rights — basically anything that comes out of their mouths.

On a positive note, the ridiculousness of the primaries is providing a rich source of comic fodder. In the spirit of April 1 I would like to focus on two particularly creative ones lampooning Mitt Romney. Both play off his (deserved) reputation as a flip-flopper and politician of shaky convictions.

The first is ‘A Quantum Theory of Mitt Romney‘, which is brilliant if you have a physics background but still hilarious even if you don’t.

The second is Will The Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up, an ingenious mashup to the tune of Real Slim Shady. It was made by an Aussie, of all people.


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